Bob Garfield

When TV is no longer king

As advertising dollars shift from traditional TV to online video, how does the return on investment for marketers compare? And how do we maintain content quality? Alvin Bowles of Grab Networks discusses CPMs and new digital standards with Bob Garfield.

Conversation Timeline

0:00 - Digital video is becoming platform agnostic
1:00 - The top sources of digital video
2:00 - What's the advertising upside to cat videos?
2:40 - Shifting CPMs
3:45 - Underwriting movies, sitcoms, and webisodes in 2012
5:30 - When TV is no longer king
6:00 - Will there be a "digital Nielsen" rating system?
7:00 - Educating buyers

Run time: 7:42



Spencer Broome
Spencer Broome September 22, 2011 at 11:40 AM

Is anything really king anymore? It's more like a democracy, with checks and balances everywhere.