Bob Garfield

How Yahoo got 1 billion page views for Oscar coverage

Does television still own real-time events like the Super Bowl and the royal wedding? Jessica Jensen, VP of women's lifestyles at Yahoo, shares with Bob Garfield the unprecedented traffic they're receiving from live coverage of events like the Oscars. What's their secret?

Conversation timeline

0:00 - Online is carving into the TV space of real-time events
1:15 - One billion page views for the Oscars
2:00 - The royal wedding was our biggest video event, ever
2:45 - Photo galleries of unusual royal wedding hats
3:40 - 650 million visitors per month
4:30 - We don't compete with Facebook, we work in tandem
6:30 - The Yahoo Contributor Network
9:00 - Seventy-five percent completion of video ads

Run time: 10:10