Bob Garfield

2 ways to keep your bloggers from "selling out"

Bloggers build loyal audiences that are primed and ready for product recommendations. But don't take that audience's trust for granted. Maggie Mason of shares two secrets for getting the most from your blogger sponsorships.

Conversation timeline

0:00 - When is a mommy blogger not a mommy blogger?
1:00 - The day blogging went mainstream
2:30 - The advent of paid blogging
3:15 - Two ways bloggers can make money
4:50 - Non-invasive sponsorships
5:45 - Pitching content vs. building content to suit
7:20 - Audiences can smell when something is forced
7:45 - McDonalds wanted to sponsor one of our events...
10:30 - We make assumptions about brands
11:30 - How do you maintain standards when the checks are big?

Run time: 12:43