6 social media attitudes that connect with people

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Finding your brand's voice

By a certain point in our lives, we all develop a unique voice and personality that defines who we are. That personality distinguishes us from our peers. Like people, brands also have unique voices. In today's competitive market, in which consumers are faced with countless brands, brands often struggle to set themselves apart from the rest. That's why it's important for brands to decide, before launch, the kind of voice they want to embody and how they want to be perceived in a sometimes incredibly judgmental market.

Though it's not an easy decision, brands begin to hone their identity over time, and the truly social media savvy leverage their newfound confidence to engage and empower their followers. They develop "attitudes," and these attitudes are what ultimately sets leading brands apart from the pack.

Until now, I have witnessed six social media attitudes that coincide with a brand's distinct voice, allowing marketers to engage their followers in a deep and meaningful fashion. The examples that follow show how each of the six social media attitudes works for a certain brand.

Of course, you might have many other attitudes you can bring to the list, and I'd love to hear about them. Dissent is also encouraged. Share your thoughts in the comments section to continue the conversation.