Top 10 Brands in Video: Small brands threaten Apple's lead

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There was lots of movement in November in social video, but Apple took the top spot on the Brands in Video chart once again. We also saw debuts by Hot Pockets, Target, and Carlsberg, while chart veterans Samsung, Microsoft, Nike, and Google returned to the chart.

Powered by data from Visible Measures, this monthly chart looks at the most-watched brands in online video, across all of their campaigns. (Check out past charts for August, September, and October.) Here's what we saw in detail for November:

iMedia Connection Visible Measure
Date range: November 01 - November 30, 2011
This Month's Rank Last Month's Rank Brand Current Month's Views % Change in Views
1 1 Apple 9,104,722 12.11%
2 4 Lenovo 8,391,200 69.06%
3 NEW Hot Pockets 8,381,504 NEW
4 Back on Chart Samsung 8,289,876 Back on Chart
5 Back on Chart Nike 7,615,594 Back on Chart
6 3 YouTube 7,093,937 14.05%
7 Back on Chart Google 6,033,363 Back on Chart
8 NEW Target 5,511,198 New
9 NEW Carlsberg 5,331,071 NEW
10 Back on Chart Microsoft 5,129,262 Back on Chart

1. Apple
For the second consecutive month, Apple is the most-watched brand on the web. Riding the wave of visibility from the iPhone 4S launch, Apple moves right into the holiday shopping season with 9.1 million views. Apple currently has more than 35 campaigns in social video, with "Introducing iPhone 4S" bringing in the majority of the views. "Introducing iPad 2" is also contributing to Apple's viewership. 

2. Lenovo
The electronics brand takes second place this month with 8.3 million views. With more than 10 campaigns, Lenovo's co-branded campaign with YouTube, "Spacelab: What Will You Do," is drawing the most views. The campaign promotes a contest for teenagers who have the chance to have their scientific experiment performed in space. "The Do Devil," which launched in October, is also helping Lenovo gain views.

3. Hot Pockets
Hot Pockets makes its debut on the chart, coming in at third place with 8.3 million views. Nearly all of the viewership for the brand is coming from the campaign by the Smosh comedy duo, "Teens in the Wild."

4. Samsung
Samsung hits the chart at fourth place for November with 8.2 million views. The electronics brand has nearly 70 campaigns to its name, but its most recent campaign, which launched right before Thanksgiving, is collecting the most views. "The Next Best Thing" pokes fun at Apple and its fans by comparing the iPhone 4S to the Galaxy S II.