9 digital campaigns to learn from

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Behold some of the best that digital marketers created in the last year. Some are integrated multi-execution efforts, others are simply powerful one-offs. But all of them signal the beginning of a new era of creativity that includes platform and format as part of the effort to move the needle.

Ford Focus: Doug

Ford did a nice job "relevantizing" Ford Focus's appeal to younger drivers with the "Doug" puppet campaign. In addition to videos like this, the presence in social media was funny, tight, and popular. Ford's digital marketing manager, Scott Kelly, says he acts as a liaison of decency between Doug and the public, as well as letting us interject some vehicle features in a natural way. Results are good. Mashable reports 36,000 Facebook fans and some 1.7 million video views, strong conversions to sale, and a brand image that markedly improved among target buyers. Not bad for a puppet!

Google: The web is what you make of it

There are so many things to like about the new campaign for Chrome, which encompasses traditional, online, mobile, and social. This particular "viral" execution has so many things going for it. It is how you do celebrity in an era of consumer participation. The effort shows how Chrome empowers such amazing experiences that wouldn't have been at all possible even a few years ago. And it puts Google squarely at the center of the best of what digital has to offer. Yeah, yeah, Google does TV now. But it's Googly, and in the process, takes ownership of the things people love about our new media era.

McDonalds: Pong

The great thing about "I'm lovin' it" is that it is a concept that can encompass so many fun things. That breadth is great for a brand that needs to be about a lot more than the best fries ever! This MickeyD's campaign from Sweden featured an enormous billboard on which two passersby could play Pong. If you successfully played it for 30 seconds, you were sent a mobile coupon for free McDonald's food. I admit that I have no transactional results to show you here to confirm its immediate business impact. But as a means of generating buzz and cementing the company's fun and hip credentials with young people of all ages, this effort was "magnifik." In my view, mega brands need to create special experiences like this to create lasting consumer impact in an era of media fragmentation and change.



Chloe Della Costa
Chloe Della Costa February 2, 2012 at 6:03 PM

Great picks, Jim! :)