9 campaigns that won with humor

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Audi: Slide Track

Every day, ads appear in new places. Airline trays. Urinal cakes. Golf balls. Golf cups. Just when you think there is nothing left to use for marketing, along comes a stroke of brilliance. Make the slider into a race car. Who could resist unlocking the Audi magazine delivered in tablet editions of leading magazines! OK, this is more fill-you-with-smiles versus yucks, but it's just too brilliant not to highlight!

Lanvin: Dancing

The democratization of...well...everything, is perhaps the biggest trend of the last decade. It seems even to be affecting the couture fashion business, if this Lanvin video is any indication. The genius of it is that the clothes continue to be defined by a design elite, but the approachable execution makes the brand more contemporary and relevant. Sort of...exclusively inclusive. Either that or that last sentence was a complete pile of crap. Either way, it's fun to watch models that lack rhythm.

The Last Testament of God: The Tweet of God

Verily I say unto thee -- scratch that. Verily He says unto thee. To support the release of the book "The Last Testament: A Memoir by God," Yahweh and his able acolyte David Javerbaum provide bits of sage wisdom that are at once biblical and hilariously un-PC. Writing a very funny book is one thing, but offering up a stream of consistently funny tweets every day...for weeks...shows a tremendous commitment to Twitter and its power to drive buyers. It's a darned popular Twitter account. Of course, the slogan "Follow God. Or be smited." may have something to do with that.