9 campaigns that won with humor

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Jimmy Kimmel Live: Hottie Bodies Humpilates

Millions seek out Jimmy Kimmel's promotional parodies the instant they hit the web. It's a brilliant strategy, because it captures the essence of what makes the show different in a very crowded late night talk show market. And because celebrities need to be good sports to be on the show anyway, Jimmy makes the most of their good nature in these excellent uber viral promos.

Jameson's: Jameson1790.com

This complex and engaging brand experience asks the user to identify the thief of a barrel of Jameson's. What makes 'er inneresting is that the thief is one of your friends, and the game asks you to determine which one by revealing clues based on their Facebook activity . These clues are seamlessly embedded in high quality videos starring eccentric Oirish folk. In addition to the concept and the watchability, the experience also incorporates great little dexterity games. When you identify the crook, the experience goes viral on your Facebook page and that of your criminal friend.

Toddlers and Tiaras: Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada

Reality TV's biggest train wreck was beautifully spoofed in this parody featuring Tom Hanks and his daughter. Was it an official Toddlers marketing effort? Dunno. But clearly they garnered a lot of cooperation from the pageant circuit for this send up, and I am certain it got more than a million extra people to park their middle-aged rumps on the couch for the season premiere. There are so many superb lines in this masterpiece of tight writing, physical comedy, and spot-on timing. I think the best is when Tom tells his daughter "Don't be a hooch."

Jim Nichols is a marketing and strategy contractor.

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