2011 Super Bowl wins and fails

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The Super Bowl is the loudest shout of old media -- it is the opportunity to connect with more than half the nation in one afternoon with a message that's guaranteed to be watched, discussed, and scrutinized. Plus, if your ad is really good (or a total piece of junk) there's always the chance that you'll be featured on the front page of newspapers coast to coast.

But Super Bowl advertising is a lot more than that -- it's also a brilliant beacon within new media. People love to talk about experiences, and the Super Bowl is something that we all experience. It is an incredible opportunity for savvy (and well-heeled) brands to drive thousands of friends and follows in one short afternoon. It's an opportunity to mesmerize bloggers from coast to coast, and to motivate their typing and embedding fingers.

The Super Bowl is the perfect media storm. And if your ad actually makes the product compelling, it's the opportunity to sell loads of stuff lickety-split.

That being said, let's relive some of the wins and fails of last year's Super Bowl!



Chloe Della Costa
Chloe Della Costa February 2, 2012 at 5:53 PM

Great article and excellent examples!