2011 Super Bowl wins and fails

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"Dog sitting"

Brand: Bud Light
Status: Win

Bud Light #1Bud Light #2Bud Light #3Bud Light #4

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This slice of family friendly physical comedy was the highest rated ad in the USA Today Ad Meter study, and not without good reason. The beauty of the Super Bowl is its mass appeal -- and dogs playing poker is always good for a chuckle whether you're 21 or 91. This ad does nothing to offend (no objectification of women), and it's evergreen, having steered clear of insider cultural references. The ad simply portrays dogs doing funny things connected to the product.

When you do dogs playing butlers, you aren't going win a Cannes Lion. But you will sell a lot of beer, which is actually the point, right?

Why it's a win:

• Highest rated by consumers (USA Today)
• Millions of online views on YouTube, Y! Video, and Google Video



Chloe Della Costa
Chloe Della Costa February 2, 2012 at 5:53 PM

Great article and excellent examples!