2011 Super Bowl wins and fails

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Brand: Snickers
Status: Win

Snickers #1Snickers #2Snickers #3Snickers #4

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Creating consecutively successful ads within a campaign is a challenge -- especially when the initial campaign is credited with re-launching Betty White's career with an over-the-top football sequence. However, Snickers was able to match its initial success with this ad that combines the legendary whininess of Richard Lewis and the crabby obnoxiousness of Roseanne Barr in a one-two punch.

Why it's a win:

  • Millions of online views on YouTube, Y! Video, and Google Video
  • 1.9 million references and features on Google
  • Manual comment analysis reveals that consumer reaction is almost always positive


Chloe Della Costa
Chloe Della Costa February 2, 2012 at 5:53 PM

Great article and excellent examples!