2011 Super Bowl wins and fails

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"The skin win"

Brands: PETA and Go Daddy
Status: Win


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Cleavage is not an idea, yet both of these brands use cleavage to drive awareness year after year. PETA never actually makes the "big game" because it produces ads designed to be rejected by Network Clearance. (Here is an example of a banned ad.)

Go Daddy put itself on the map with buxom models driving awareness for what is almost by definition a commodity product. The problem with using sex as an awareness building device is that it's hard to keep busting through the clutter year after year. After all, how does one follow something like this up? One would think that there is some point at which this type of hyper-sexualized advertising ceases to be appealing to a general audience. Well, this type of thinking is clearly wrong, because Go Daddy and PETA continue to succeed with their sexed up ads.

Why it's a win (PETA):

  • Doubled web traffic (Quantcast)
  • More than one million online mentions and discussions (Google)

Why it's a win (Go Daddy):

  • Huge popularity of tandem social media campaign in which Joan Rivers tweeted, "Yes, yes, it is my body."
  • Millions of social mentions on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to hundreds of blog feature


Chloe Della Costa
Chloe Della Costa February 2, 2012 at 5:53 PM

Great article and excellent examples!