2011 Super Bowl wins and fails

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"Underground Club"

Brand: Stella Artois
Status: Fail

Stella Artois #1Stella Artois #2Stella Artois #3Stella Artois #4

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The quirky campaign for Stella Artois depicts idealized European lifestyles. The stories are both entertaining physical comedies and carefully constructed tableaus that underscore the irresistible appeal of the beer.

Then we come to this spot. It's not a bad ad, but the placement is questionable. It would be best paired with art house movies (or at least dramas starring Angelina Jolie). American marketers should know that women in Packer's sweatshirts eating Rotelle Velveeta dip like their men smelling of Old Spice and Pert Plus, not Galousies and Camembert Cheese. The Super Bowl is the time to show ads starring a shiny faced Brett Favre. It's not the time for messaging starring a funky looking Adrien Brody.

Why it's a fail:

  • Less than 20,000 YouTube views
  • Very low level of U.S. social buzz


Chloe Della Costa
Chloe Della Costa February 2, 2012 at 5:53 PM

Great article and excellent examples!