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4 ways to breathe new life into your display ads

Stop wasting your valuable ad space with these rejuvenating tips, and avoid the worst thing to put in your banners.

Business Insider says it's more likely that a consumer will survive a plane crash or win the lottery than click a banner ad.

Do we resign ourselves to these spaces being the equivalent of digital billboards, seen by some, clicked by none? Maybe not. According to today's iMedia interview studio guest, there are new cool options for revitalizing your display ads.

Ben Kartzman, CEO of Spongecell, tells iMedia's Bethany Simpson his top tips for breathing new life into display ads. He also answers the question: what are the best and worst things he's seen in a display ad?

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Conversation highlights
0:00 - $10M in new funding!
0:28 - Top advice for reinventing display ads
1:15 - What are consumers drawn to?
2:05 - The most creative use of a display ad
2:25 - The worst use of a display ad
2:48 - What's next in display and video?

Run time is 3:43


Ben Kartzman established himself working for global leaders in consulting, banking and technology such as Accenture, Morgan Stanley and Intel. As an executive at Accenture, Ben led the sales and delivery of high-value management consulting engagements. Ben also has formidable experience leading teams in building highly usable software products as demonstrated for venture backed start ups in New York. Ben graduated with honors from Carnegie Mellon with a dual BS in Human Computer Interaction and Information & Decision Systems.