5 ad formats that will boost your brand

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Video extender

Video extender formats are simply too cool to ignore. A small button allows you to drag and expand the video over content to any size you want, and the video continues to play while being resized. This ad format is designed to provide the ultimate user experience while dragging the video. User engagement with these video ads is phenomenal, with dwell rates 103 percent above polite banners and average dwell duration is 39 percent above polite banners.

5 ad formats that will boost your brand

Video extender allowed Motorola and CBS to use a video on a text site in a highly engaging way. This campaign used a relatively long video asset, and long video constrained to the size of the banner can be a drag. With the video extender, Motorola created a modular, nonintrusive video that allowed users to access the large, high quality video that boosts recall.


As users shift more time from traditional media such as magazines and newspapers to online advertising, advertisers must recognize ad format as a quintessential part of the creative. From the tiny messenger ad to the home page takeover, the right ad format can really make a difference for your brand.

Michael Tuminello is senior manager of product planning at MediaMind.

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Jon Clarke
Jon Clarke February 22, 2012 at 3:19 PM

I so totally agree, we seem to have as an industry concentrated on price, pushing it lower and lower to satisfy clients, but what we've not done is use the amazing qualities digital media offers in creating engaging ads. I'd point you to look at to where we got so fed up with the status quo we decided to do something about it and see results 20-60x better than normal ads. We then didn't just sit on it we decided to offer it to other agencies and advertisers too and publishers are enjoying better prices that can be supported as the results for the client are far superior to what they normally do.