How 10 apps became indispensable to moms

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These days, moms and mobile apps go together like peanut butter and jelly. If that's news to some app developers, it shouldn't be: Moms may not be the classic early adopter demographic, but they are a powerful force when it comes to mobile...And the numbers are impressive.

Last year, eMarketer and Baby Center, a network of interactive properties geared to the mom demo, teamed up to study how moms were using smartphones. The report found that 60 percent of moms were smartphone users, compared to just half of the general population. More importantly, moms were actually using the capabilities of their smartphones at a higher rate.

"Mothers were significantly more likely to access games, social media, and health information, and somewhat more likely to check the weather, listen to music or shop via mobile," eMarketer reported.

But while moms are certainly heavy smartphone users -- spending an average of 6.1 hours per day with their phones -- their use patterns aren't the same as other demographics.

"[Moms] underindexed on accessing content like maps, productivity tools, and financial and business information, suggesting they're sticking to activities to help -- or help occupy -- their families," eMarketer reported.

Of course, that information begs the question, which apps do moms really love? We found ten examples that really speak to the mom set. Some are mom-specific, while others may surprise you. Some are branded and some aren't. Either way, if you're a mobile marketer and you're not thinking about the mom demographic, it's time to start, and these ten examples will help you nurture that big idea.