5 reasons why the banner will outlive us all

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The smug little banner

Pity the poor banner. Maligned by millions and attacked by the very people whose paychecks they (largely) make possible, the banner is perhaps the most criticized little workhorse in our culture.

But do banners let our harsh words affect their self esteem? No. Banners proudly hold their ground -- shrinking for no one. They know that other people's opinions of them are none of their business. They know that, like the periplaneta americana, they will be here long after their detractors have returned to ashes and dust. Perhaps with little smirks on their faces as their last attackers return to the earth.

Why can the little banner rest easy knowing that it will get the last eight-second (max) laugh? Because no matter how much we poseurs pretend to despise them, they serve a critical purpose in the internet environment -- and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Why can these quietly smug little messages be so certain that their future is bright? Let's take a look at five reasons.