10 tech trends you can ignore in 2012

Trendsplosion 2: iPad 3

I realize I risk the ire of fan boys everywhere with this one, but please. Such is the nature of Apple fandom that entire reviews are devoted to a lackluster feature upgrade -- its high pixel density or "Retinal Display." This puzzling label must refer to the fact that improved image quality is best enjoyed when the tablet is held four inches from your face, so that the image is seared onto your retinas.

I give full faith and credit to Apple for creating the tablet category, but it's high time marketers started thinking about "tablets" as a category and stop treating every iteration of the iPad as a sacred tablet brought down from the mountaintop. Amazon's bargain-priced Kindle Fire effectively allowed tablet computing to reach critical mass by doubling the number of tableteers in a single month, and other Android-based tablets are quickly gaining ground, so let's spread the love a little: If you're developing applications for the iPad, there's no longer any excuse for ignoring Android.



Angi Kelley
Angi Kelley April 12, 2012 at 6:29 PM

Great article however in regard to touch screen vs. keyboards, techies forget that that there are people out there with callused fingers that can't use touch screens. Heat doesn't make it through the calluses. While this isn't a huge amount of users, they do exist. And just because they have callused fingers we shouldn't think they're not good customers.

Lee Dellinger
Lee Dellinger April 12, 2012 at 1:22 PM

Great article...enjoyed the read!