Why digital marketers can't ignore Tumblr

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Confession time: I am not a Tumblr user, not really. Since the blogging platform was founded in 2007, I've certainly seen my share of Tumblr blogs, and I've even setup a few of my own -- and then just as quickly I abandoned those experiments.

Frankly, there hasn't been much pressure for marketers to learn about Tumblr: Facebook, Twitter, and -- these days -- Pinterest get the lion's share of press in the marketing world. There's probably a good reason why Tumblr doesn't get much love from marketers: Relatively few brands have used the platform in their marketing initiatives, and only a handful have done it particularly well. But despite its lack of traction with brands, Tumblr has a solid following with agency folks, especially creatives. As a Digiday article explained a few months back, "inside agencies, the cool kids are agog about Tumblr."

So why is Tumblr relevant to digital marketers? That's a question I put to several agency staffers who run their own Tumblr accounts. I'll get to those answers and some highlights from their fantastic Tumblrs in a second. But before we get to that, it's worth taking a look at Tumblr's broader cultural appeal.