An analytics roadmap for marketers

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Pitfalls to avoid

Here are three common pitfalls to watch for and avoid in your analysis:

Optimize to best performing elements
Your focus on the best performing elements of your program should be about replicating those elements, not narrowing down your program so much as to only include them. When you focus on why parts of the program work well, you open up opportunities to test and expand.

Focusing on the marketing results
Ultimately, marketing must move the business forward. If your marketing results are improving but the underlying business results are not, you are using metrics to tell lies.

Always increasing quantity
Both quantity and quality need to be measured together, and they are often at odds with each other. The metrics you use need to include a balance of quantity and quality measurements. This simple framework for online media metrics is a good starting point to identifying appropriate metrics.

In summary
By focusing on understanding your program and identifying new opportunities -- rather than monitoring and measuring performance -- you will continue to improve both the efficiency and scalability of your marketing programs.

Eric Wittlake is head of media at Babcock & Jenkins and blogs about modern B2B marketing at B2B Digital Marketing.

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