Bob Garfield

NewFronts: DBG unveils secret slate of digital programming

Betting on online video as the fastest-growing component of digital, DBG took the stage at the NewFronts with a sneak peek at its plans for 2012 -- and some surprising digital strategies to close the gap between online video and the traditional marketplace.

As the digital video industry confronts game-changing issues such as how to blend brands into the mix of entertaining programming without alienating consumers, how to find and keep a loyal viewing audience that can sustain an online series, and how to measure success without an industry-wide measurement platform or method, DBG kicked off its Spring 2012 lineup at the NewFronts in New York City.

Presented in the format of a mock Broadway musical at the Helen Mills Theater, DBG's highlight reel included new shows from "SPACES," an original home design YouTube channel featuring segments "I Live With My Mom," the hilarious "Urban Gardener," "Off Beat Spaces," "Profiles in Design," and "Your Place is a Deal Breaker."

Adding to its library of high-quality video content such as Kiefer Sutherland's "The Confession," and Seth Green's "ControlTV," DBG also unveiled CLiP, six curated premium content channels syndicated across more than 300 sites. The brand-based entertainment channels are aimed at increasing time spent via premium content verticals such as "Expecting," a show that follows three women as they journey through pregnancy and everything in-between, and "Bartenders," which highlights the lives of a group of talented and ambitious up-and-coming professionals.

The NewFronts is an annual series of events intended to present online digital content in a format that is reminiscent of TV buying, putting the content creators, producers, and distributors in the same room with advertisers.

As one attendee of the DBG NewFronts said: "It's exciting to see the exponential growth of video consumption and the huge importance it has for the online video industry. This is only the beginning."