3 ways brands are still failing at social media

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A week or so later, the presence looked like this:

Apparently someone at Verizon Wireless realized it needed a reboot.

What could a wireless company possibly do to add value to this community?

History of wireless

  • Historical photos of vintage wireless devices (i.e., the very first mobile phone).
  • This would add a level of storytelling that would be both interesting to Pinties (a made-up term for Pinterest users) and would be a storytelling vehicle for the brand.


  • Classic moments in cinema where a mobile device played a significant role.
  • This could open up an avenue for conversation and curation, allowing users to add their own pins.

Mobile goes mobile

  • A series of quirky images that humanize the mobile phone and show the many places a mobile phone could go, if it had the ability to "go mobile."
  • This example would invite the community to co-create with the brand in a silly, yet fun exercise in absurdity.

You pin, we win

  • A search for Verizon Wireless on Pinterest shows that users have taken it upon themselves to add Verizon-branded content.
  • The sheer acknowledgment of these pinners would be a social win.

Admittedly, these examples are no stroke of genius (if you want genius, you have to pay for it), but they offer some direction. A truly successful initiative would also take into account the overarching user experience and all of the elements in our social brand design and communication framework. We got a bit carried away with idea three -- have a look: