Bob Garfield

5 video myths debunked at the NewFronts

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If you're citing online video stats from more than six months ago, you're out of date. Here's the up-to-date scoop from insiders at DBG, Disney, Xbox, AOL, Digitas, and more.

Myth 1: Online video is a niche trend

Online video went mainstream so quickly that many of us are still getting our bearings. Sean Finnegan, CEO of The C4 Group, says in the past four months 100 million people have viewed online video, while only 63 million people have watched TV. And advertisers are shifting real spend into this new marketplace. If you think online video is still the niche trend it was one to two years ago, it's time to push a reset button. Here's more from Digitas' Paul Kontonis, Revision 3's Jim Louderback, YuMe's Scot McLernon, Digitas' Colin Kinsella, CNN's Piers Morgan, Disney's Ali Wentworth, "The Guild" star Felicia Day, "My Damn Channel Live" star Beth Hoyt, International Creative Management's George Ruiz,'s Rufus Griscom, Disney Interactive's Margie Gilmore, and Disney Interactive's Dave Dickman.

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