5 blunders your brand is making on Facebook Timeline

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Facebook's new mandatory Timeline provides brands with significant opportunities to increase their social engagement. Iconic and trusted organizations are already tapping into Timeline's enhanced functionalities -- and reaping the benefits. For example, the New York Times has populated its Timeline page with visuals and content dating back to the founding of the newspaper in 1851, while Buckingham Palace uses Timeline to document historical data as far back as 1705. On the brand side, Coca-Cola is using Timeline to showcase its unique identity, while Starbucks uses Timeline as a consumer channel to tout both its company culture and global coffee brand.

5 blunders your brand is making on Facebook Timeline

Companies that neglect Timeline's brand-friendly attributes will fall victim to the ever-distracted nature of the online consumer. At Socialbakers, we continuously analyze social media data to determine how brands can maximize their social media investments by posting engaging content to the most influential online users. Based on millions of points of global data, we have found the following mistakes cause the greatest hindrance to a company's success in using Timeline.