5 brands that embarrassed themselves on social

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Social media is constantly evolving, and with this evolution, there are more opportunities than not to misstep. A campaign on social media has hundreds of ways it can go wrong, and most of them are unpredictable. Of course, it's important to be as prepared as possible, but sometimes, social media fails are bound to happen. After all, we're only humans managing accounts for brands, right? Learning from others' mistakes is a great place to start, and some of us lucky ones have learned the hard way. Here are a few examples of the social media campaigns that turned total flop.

5 brands that embarrassed themselves on social

McDonald's #McDStories

Early in 2012, McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign that asked users to share their memories of McDonald's while using the hashtag #McDStories. The idea behind the campaign was to encourage followers to share nostalgic memories of their first time at McDonald's, when they first took their kids, etc. However, this campaign quickly escalated into something completely different. Users began sharing not their positive, nostalgic memories, but the horror stories they had at McDonald's. From poor work conditions to food poisoning, this #McDStories campaign flew right back in McDonald's face.

The very next day, McDonald's followed up with another hashtag: #LittleThings. This was done with the hopes that it would redeem the brand from the previous hashtag mishap. The McDonald's Twitter account was fully branded for the new campaign, and the idea was to promote the Chicken McBites. It seemed to put out the fire.



Deanna Lawrence
Deanna Lawrence May 15, 2012 at 4:23 PM

Great lessons to be learned from this post! My takeaway - "Be Authentic, Be Sincere, Be Responsive....Celebrate Original "