5 brands that embarrassed themselves on social

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Toyota's @CamryEffect

One of the biggest concerns from Twitter users is that brands will monopolize the space and use it to spam. During the Super Bowl, Toyota did just that. The brand planned a Twitter campaign meant to promote the Toyota Camry, but all that it created was a lot of pissed off users. Toyota created Twitter handles @CamryEffect1 through @CamryEffect9 and used these accounts to directly engage with users. The worst part is that the team wasn't tweeting at users it knew would be interested in the campaign (to win a Camry); it was tweeting at people who were using any hashtag related to the Super Bowl (e.g., #Giants, #Patriots, etc.).

A few days later, all of the accounts were changed to private, and Toyota apologized to "anyone in the Twitterverse who received an unwanted @reply over the past few days," further stating that it "learned from this experience and have suspended the accounts effective immediately to avoid any additional issues."



Deanna Lawrence
Deanna Lawrence May 15, 2012 at 4:23 PM

Great lessons to be learned from this post! My takeaway - "Be Authentic, Be Sincere, Be Responsive....Celebrate Original "