10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution

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10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution


SoLoMo. It's not a typo, nor is it an entirely new concept. A mashup of social, mobile, and local, SoLoMo is perhaps best understood as the next evolution in what we used to call hyper-local.

Last January, when the term first began to penetrate the digital lexicon, Opus Reserch senior analyst Greg Sterling told Mashable, "SoLoMo is a more mobile-centric version of the same concept with greater local precision. It's about getting nearby information on demand, wherever you may be."

Stepping back to look at the larger trend, Michael Boland, an analyst and program director of BIA/Kelsey's Mobile Local Media program, observed in the Huffington Post that SoLoMo is really about mobile apps casting off their ancestral links to the desktop and evolving into utilities that are firmly rooted in all three overlapping concepts.

"We're starting to see techno-Darwinism unfold as mobile apps are growing into their own skin," Boland wrote. "The reason SoLoMo matters is that it's unique to the mobile device; it doesn't make sense on the desktop the same way steering columns didn't fit nineteenth century horse-drawn carriages. Deals, suggestions, or events are pushed based on your check-ins or social activity as you wander across different tiles of the earth."

In essence, proponents of SoLoMo see it as nothing short of a revolution -- one that, as this Fast Company video illustrates, may come to transform every aspect of our lives.