10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution


More than any other app, Highlight embodies the essence of SoLoMo. Operating in the background of your phone, Highlight is a social utility that helps you learn more about the people in your immediate vicinity. The information consists of the user's name, photos, and anything else they choose to share. But the key thing to remember about Highlight is that the app is linked to the user's public Facebook account -- that's a lot of data about the handsome stranger at the end of the bar, but it's also a treasure trove for marketers looking to make real-time connections.  

Dubbed the star of SXSW, Highlight has become incredibly popular incredibly fast. But while its primary goal right now is to build a critical mass of users, the ways in which people, enterprises, and brands can deploy Highlight are still in their infancy. That leaves industrious marketers a lot of room to run with a powerful, popular tool.

But before anyone goes big on Highlight, they'll need to think long and hard about how they want to address privacy, which is something Highlight CEO Paul Davison discusses with Forbes in this video.