10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution


At first glance, Glancee doesn't seem all that unique in the SoLoMo space. But two things are worth noting for marketers. First, the Glancee platform has baked in the idea that the people in our social network are most likely to hold sway over the kinds of things we choose to buy, eat, and do. And while the idea of recommendations aren't new, a platform built around helping users share their preferences with their friends who are in the immediate area can be a real boon for marketers -- assuming Glancee achieves critical mass.

But even if Glancee remains somewhat niche, it still may be appealing to marketers who run promotional events. The reason is that Glancee is already setup as an off-the-shelf solution for socializing an event. Marketers can not only use Glancee's event functionality to seed conversations and establish their street teams as community leaders, they can also look under the hood and get real-time data on their attendees, allowing them to target the most influential users right when they're most receptive to a message.