10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution


Like many other SoLoMo apps, Kismet is largely about the people around you at any given moment. The app is still in beta, but one of the most appealing things about the aptly named Kismet (the word means fate) is that it already addresses the so-called "creepy factor" with privacy controls like geo-fencing as well the option to either run the app continuously in the background or open the app and check-in whenever the user chooses to engage. Along similar lines, Kismet places a high emphasis on events and invitations as a method for connecting people, which goes a long way to addressing some of the awkwardness around these kinds of apps.

But what's most interesting about Kismet is how the company is positioning the utility by emphasizing not just how you're connected to other people, but why you should be talking to them. That's probably a hard question for an app to answer with any kind of authority. But as apps improve in quality, it will be interesting to see how deep Kismet can go in terms of addressing a fundamentally subjective question -- why should you connect with this person, brand, or cause?