10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution


"Banjo gives you SuperPowers!" That's the app's tagline. And while there's certainly a fair amount of hype in that statement, it also drives at the core of what Banjo is all about -- using geographic targeting to connect users across multiple social platforms. Integrating multiple social platforms may not be unique in the SoLoMo space, but what sets Banjo apart is its search functionality. Users can search events by keyword, allowing them to pinpoint specific types of activity within a particular event, or they can take a wider view and shift their focus to events happening thousands of miles away. Banjo also prides itself on its alerts, which inform Banjo users about their friend's social activity (on any social network) if it occurs within a given proximity.

While it's easy to see how brands can use Banjo as a social listening tool, it's worth noting that Banjo has begun to position itself as an entertainment partner. Working with Blondie, Banjo helped the band bring a social element to its tour, connecting with users regardless of which social network they chose to follow the band on. The experience prompted Banjo to begin building an entertainment partnership program. And while that may not be a fit for every entertainment brand, it's certainly an intriguing tool for entertainment brands that emphasize touring.