10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution


Technically, Gauss is an app, but its creators say they like to think of it as a "people magnet"-- which explains the logo. The idea behind Gauss is to connect people based on two key factors -- proximity and interests. But unlike other SoLoMo apps, Gauss puts a special emphasis on the user's ability to change and fine-tune their interest from one location to the next. So a Gauss user may select one set of interests at a work conference and then change those preferences later in the day when they meet friends for drinks. One additional selling point, the Gauss magnet operates in the background. When the magnet finds a connection, both parties get profile information pushed to them as well as a menu that facilitates a meet up.

Like a lot of SoLoMo apps, Gauss is a utility in search of a business model. But its founders have identified several areas for monetization, and first on that list is hyper-targeted advertising based, no doubt, on the stated preferences of its users. Of course, what gives Gauss an edge in that arena is that habitual updating and refining of preferences is baked into the utility of the app. But if Gauss is going to be a hit with advertisers, it will need to find scale, and at present that remains an open question.