10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution


Wallit is a SoLoMo app with an augmented reality twist. Billed as an app that lets you leave your virtual mark in physical locations, Wallit has pretty simple premise: With their mobile devices, users can post content (comments, audio, pictures, and video) at a real world location wherever there's a Wallit "wall." The content can be public or private, and anyone from around the world can view a Wall, but Wallit insists that posters be present at the location at time of posting to guarantee a highly relevant experience. Reportedly, the company also has some filtering software in place to keep spam and inappropriate content from gumming up the works.

"Think of a virtual wall on the face of the Golden Gate Bridge from one end to the other where people can leave sentiments, photos, movies and even audio that are persistent at that location, even though the people who generate the content constantly keep changing," Wallit's founder, Veysel Berk, told Reuters.

As of March 2012 (when the app launched) there are about 700 walls around the world. Because a wall needs to be built in each location, it seems only natural that brands would want to create their own virtual walls in retail locations as well as other physical spaces. Of course, it's also possible to imagine brands going big with the app by sponsoring Walls at events like football games or concerts.