10 companies driving the SoLoMo revolution


FourSquare was SoLoMo before SoLoMo was a buzzword. But even though FourSquare may no longer be on the cutting edge, brand marketers thinking about giving their messaging the social, local, mobile treatment should take a hard look at FourSquare for a few reasons:

  • With about 20 million members, the platform is already in widespread use.
  • If you're concerned about taking a risk with a SoLoMo strategy, it's worth pointing out that dozens of brands and hundreds of thousands of merchants have already used FourSquare. Some notable brand partners include: Red Bull, The New York Times, and Bravo.   
  • The FourSquare platform has become synonymous with badges -- a neat system for rewarding the passion of dedicated users that also helps brands connect with hardcore loyalists.
  • SoLoMo may eventually fall out of favor, startups come and go, but at this point it's pretty safe to say that FourSquare is a mature digital property. Which means that if you plan a campaign element that incorporates FourSquare you won't wake up in a cold sweat worrying that your partner is about to go under, and there's little likelihood that your hard work to bring together social, local, and mobile will be undermined when digital's latest buzzword is relegated to the recycle bin.

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