Bob Garfield

New tips for measuring digital ROI

Here are the tools, metrics, and new areas of value companies need to be paying attention to.

Each month brings new methods for measuring advertising campaign performance. But which tools are the right ones, and should we be measuring the same metrics we were 2-3 years ago? How should marketers be leveraging data-driven insights to assess, plan, and allocate budget across channels, publishers, and ads?

We spoke with Future US chief operating officer Rachelle Considine about ways brands and agencies are measuring ROI, as well as new tools and services available to assess performance.

Tips for measuring digital ROI

Where are dollars being lost? Where is the new value?

Tools for measuring ROI and performance

The intersection of gaming and technology

New apps and platforms

As Chief Operating Officer, Rachelle Considine oversees all of Future US and is a member of Future PLC’s global management board. In her previous roles as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and General Manager of the Games Advertising Group, she led marketing and sales across Future’s games, technology and men’s special-interest markets. She also significantly boosted the division’s expansion and sales, with an emphasis on a digital growth initiative.