9 infographics marketers need to see

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We all love infographics and the way they make information more clear, entertaining, and telegraphic. Here are nine such illustrations tailored for the viewing pleasure of the inquisitive marketer.

Digital marketing budget trends 2012

From 6S Marketing

It's all about you. Well, all about you and people like you. Here's a summary of digital marketing budget trends for 2012, made simple and tasty looking.



Meagan Dahl
Meagan Dahl September 18, 2012 at 10:30 PM

Thank you for pointing out the roll of infographs in adding important value to marketers. We use infographs not just for thought leadership and information sharing, but also to deliver valuable data and insights to our clients. From the feedback we've received, they appreciate being able to see ROI and analytics results via images rather than a bland powerpoint presentation. I think that as SM and content marketing moves further and further into the world of image sharing, we will see a continued rise in tools like infographs to relay information and connect to audiences.