3 brands that are innovating on YouTube

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It's easy to find examples of pretty lousy YouTube channels these days. After all, most brands are finally realizing that they need YouTube channels. But that doesn't mean they're actually investing the time and resources needed to make the channel a true destination. More often than not, these channels become a dumping ground for TV commercials, which is fabulous, if your brand's TV commercials are so entertaining and well-produced that people actually want to chase them down on the internet so they can share them with their friends.

But let's be honest: Not all brands have the budgets and resources to produce Coca-Cola-caliber TV spots that can then take on a new life on the web. Most brands are struggling to scrape together what little video budget they can. And in that case, these companies need to focus on doing more with what they have. That's where YouTube comes in.

3 brands that are innovating on YouTube

Fortunately, many of the interactive video features offered on YouTube don't discriminate. Whether a brand's video is a summer-blockbuster-quality production or a poorly lit but passionate user-generated testimonial, YouTube offers opportunities to infuse that video with interactive elements that will enable your viewers to dive deeper into your brand. In addition, the channel page layouts offer ample opportunities to encourage viewers to subscribe to a brand's channel and, thus, forge a long-term relationship with the viewer.

In this article, we'll take a look at some interesting ways in which brands are putting YouTube's brand-channel opportunities to work for them. And yes, these brands do, in fact, have budgets behind them. But many of the tactics they're using on YouTube don't require big spends. In fact, the smallest brand can steal ideas from these players to better extend the reach of their own modest resources.



Lesley Terry
Lesley Terry October 9, 2012 at 8:01 PM

The link you posted for the Hot Wheels Custom Motors Cup Challenge is not the the official video, and as such the annotations (deep links to the other videos) don't work properly. This is the correct video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPGhqQ9vZPM