Bob Garfield

Today's biggest digital marketing challenge

The CEO of eMarketer can't actually predict the future, but with his access to user and trend data, you would swear he could. Here is what's coming in mobile, social, and more.

What do the world's most senior digital marketers and innovators see for the future of digital marketing? What do you need to know about social and mobile to improve your 2013 digital strategies? Join Greg Cannon, VP of digital marketing for Caesars Entertainment, as he speaks with powerhouse and visionary Geoff Ramsey, CEO and cofounder of eMarketer, about where the industry stands today, where it's heading with social and mobile, and the biggest takeaways you need to know as a digital marketing player.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — What is growing in the digital marketing space
0:26 — The big news
0:47 — Why mobile is betting bigger
1:10 — Are Facebook and Twitter too bloated for marketers?
1:50 — Today's biggest marketing challenge
2:20 — Is third-party data obsolete?
3:05 — What is the future of digital marketing?
Run time is 4:12

This interview was filmed at the Digital Collective "Back to School" event. Senior digital marketers visited companies including Twitter, Google, Facebook, YouTube, and IDEO, and participated in high-level discussions about finance, technology, and digital marketing trends.

Geoff Ramsey is one of the most exciting visionaries in digital marketing today. In his role as CEO and cofounder of eMarketer, Ramsey is not only on the cutting edge of new research trends and best practices, he offers a rich understanding and big-picture perspective of the digital age and its impact on marketing and media.  Ramsey leads eMarketer on its mission to provide objective intelligence and insights for marketers, publishers, agencies, and others in the online marketing ecosystem, to help them make sense of the numbers and trends. Prior to founding eMarketer, Ramsey worked at several large New York ad agencies, including TBWA and Ogilvy & Mather, where he ran multinational accounts for brands including Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods, M&M Mars, and AT&T.