6 tips for creating mind-blowing infographics

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If you don't know what an infographic is by now, you really need to update your Facebook profile. Throughout 2012 (at least), infographics have been a popular fixture online, especially on social networks, where brands, publishers, and everyday folks post them like they're going out of style.

But, they're not going out of style -- not yet anyway.

6 tips for creating mind-blowing infographics

Part of what makes infographics so popular -- and powerful -- is that they leverage two things that the web does especially well. On the one hand, infographics are incredibly visual, which is great because the web is an increasingly graphic-heavy visual medium. But infographics also play to -- and off of -- our love for big data. The web, after all, is swimming in data, and infographics are probably the best way to turn that data into a meaningful message or story.

But building a great infographic isn't as simple as data + picture. There's an art to creating great infographics, which is why I asked several industry leaders to share their best advice for creating great branded infographics.



Jo Oskoui
Jo Oskoui October 24, 2012 at 12:35 AM

Great article on infographics with a lot of good points (e.g., creative process, distribution). I am just a bit surprised that you don't distinguish between infographics and data visualizations or infoposters. Some might argue (Search: Not Infographic) that your Got Milk example is actually not an infographic after all. Generally, infographics are data visualizations that can be understood without having to read (a lot of) text. This is also the very reason that make it both challenging and fun for graphic designers and content developers.