Bob Garfield

3 trends driving mobile innovation

These are the device, retail, and entertainment developments that will affect how your customers behave in the mobile space.

Jeff Minsky, director of emerging media at OMD Ignition Factory, speaks with iMedia's Bethany Simpson about the industry developments shaping mobile. What customer behaviors are redefining the retail experience? How will connected TV shape customer expectations? What will the impact be of mini tablets and larger smartphones? Find out in this insightful interview.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Trends driving mobile innovation
1:40 — Opportunity for consumers, challenge for businesses
2:00 — Competing with the showroom (Amazon vs. Best Buy)
4:00 — Consumer behaviors defining mobile innovation
4:40 — Can you create an augmented sales experience? e.g. NFC
5:50 — The explosion of mini-tablets
7:30 — Connected TV: the next realm of growth
Run time is 9:35

Jeff Minsky is Director, Emerging Media at OMD's Ignition Factory bringing education and guidance to clients navigating the tumultuous waters of the transition from an analog linear media world to a fragmented digital, interactive media world. Jeff also sits on the AAAA Digital Video Innovations Committee and is an Honorary Board Member of the MMA in 2010.