4 reasons you're not as agile as you think

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You're using agile marketing techniques already, right? You use optimization techniques in your digital media activities. You create multiple ad executions and test with multivariate analysis. You even have social media people who regularly update and interact with consumers. Yes, that's all part of being agile, but you're not necessarily being as agile as you think. There's a lot more you could do to generate better results through more fundamental change. Let's look in detail at four common problems that need to be addressed first. You might recognize some from your organization.

4 reasons you're not as agile as you think

Why agile marketing?

My previous articles published here covered the basics and benefits of adopting agile marketing, first with "How to put agile marketing into practice," then "Why agile marketing is the future of digital advertising." In a nutshell, the agile approach to any endeavor replaces big leaps with mini-steps and involves a continual "test, learn, commit" (TLC) loop, giving stakeholders the ability to constantly evaluate results and modify efforts as necessary. For even more depth on the subject, check out Anthony Freeling's book, "Agile Marketing: How to Innovate Faster, Cheaper and with Lower Risk."

Understanding agile is easy. Implementing it asks that, first and foremost, stakeholders in your organization embrace it fully. That's why it's useful to ask these four questions that get to the bottom of common shortcomings, and then look at how to address them.