5 sure-fire ways to piss off a blogger

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Mistake 1: Getting the blogger's name wrong

As a marketer working on blogger outreach, your primary job is to create a relationship with the blogger, even if it's for just a single email exchange. Just like a cover letter for a resume, the fastest way for your email to find its way to the trash is by flubbing your recipient's name. Another tip: Do your damndest to figure out whether an androgynous name belongs to a male or female person. If you can't, use non-specific pronouns.

There are essentially two methods for blogger outreach:

1. Scattershot: Email as many bloggers as you can and hope that some of them agree to publish your story.
2. Focused: Pick a smaller group of bloggers for whom your story is relevant.

"Focused" works better in most scenarios, but the "scattershot" method is more common. As a result, the emails that are sent to bloggers are often loosely customized templates. So the name and any other language that personalizes the template are usually filled in right before hitting "send." These emails often read choppy and sloppy.

Extra embarrassing: Getting the name of the blog wrong. It happens all the time.



Nick Stamoulis
Nick Stamoulis November 7, 2012 at 2:23 PM

" Following up with a blogger to tell him how much you disliked the review -- because your complaint is probably going to end up on the blog."

Although they do make great reading for the rest of us! Nothing is truly private communication, so be careful to watch every word in every email or message you send--you never know where it might end up.