11 critical areas where marketing measurement matters

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Every minute in cyberspace, billions of digital events are taking place such as ad impressions, search clicks, online video views, mobile app usage, email opens, social likes, and re-tweets. In this fragmented era of digital media, how does an advertiser's digital team make sense of it all? Who's to say which channels should get a piece of your budget? What's your process for answering these questions?

11 critical areas where marketing measurement matters

The question I'm really asking is: What is marketing measurement's role in your organization? And what should it be?

Certainly the advertising creative gets the lion's share of the attention. Without a great message, the campaign won't perform well. Media is also critically important -- the where, when, and for what cost will the message be shown to prospective customers can't be ignored. Then there's the landing page and the website: If not optimized for maximum usability and effectiveness, the visitors driven to these properties won't convert. Finally, we get to measurement, where in many marketing organizations it is initiated at the end of a campaign to see what is or isn't working.

But let's rewind a couple steps. Isn't measurement actually a vital part of the process? And as such, shouldn't it be involved in every step along the way? Below I've detailed 11 areas where measurement enables highly impactful decisions for marketing organizations. You could be failing if you don't recognize just how important it is to you.