Bob Garfield

Why 2013 is the year of shrinking ad budgets

Digitalization, fragmentation, and device proliferation are changing media as we know it. But they're not the only reasons budgets will shift next year.

If you think advertising spend will increase or stay the same next year, it's time to get a fresh perspective. Two major events from 2012 won't be a part of 2013 (see the interview below for more), and the impact will be felt by brands, agencies, and supporting companies. It's time to start looking for undervalued opportunities, and to get ready for a less robust budget year. Sarah Fay speaks with Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, Inc. about the new state of advertising spend in 2013.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Current areas of value
1:00 — Go where the people are, and where they're spending their time
1:30 — Underpriced inventory, and who controls digital video dollars
2:45 — 2013 is the year of shrinking ad budgets
Run time is 3:20

Dave is the CEO of New York City-based Simulmedia, Inc., a marketing technology company serving the television industry which he founded in late 2008. A serial entrepreneur, Morgan previously founded and ran both TACODA, Inc., an online advertising company that pioneered behavioral online marketing and was acquired by AOL in 2007 for $275 million, and Real Media, Inc., one of the world’s first ad serving and online ad network companies and a predecessor to 24/7 Real Media (TFSM), which was later sold to WPP for $649 million. After the sale of TACODA, Dave served as Executive Vice President, Global Advertising Strategy, at AOL, a Time Warner Company (TWX).