8 ways that Facebook drives marketers crazy

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Any marketer working in this digital age can tell you that Facebook is not an entity that can be ignored. The sheer enormity of the brand and its loyal user base alone makes it quite the monopoly in the social media world at the moment. And this makes it a must-buy for many.

8 ways that Facebook drives marketers crazy

But while Facebook finds itself on a majority of media plans these days, the platform still poses a ton of obstacles for marketers -- and leaves many with downright bad tastes in their mouths. iMedia Connection recently spoke with a number of digital marketers to see where their relationships stand with Facebook these days, and why they remain willing to play according to the rules of the social network giant.


Marketers continue to be stumped as to just how to integrate their brands into the right conversations found within the Facebook Timeline, which debuted earlier this year to its share of criticism. "They forced the Timeline on us, and I still feel that it leaves brands in quite a bind," says Steve O'Connell, partner and executive creative director at Red Tettemer + Partners. "The brand pages are simply not a very welcoming experience, nor the greatest introduction or handshake, to a prospective new customer. Facebook is too smart of a group not to see and hear the disappointment in our voices when we discuss with them the engagement numbers going down because of it."