Bob Garfield

2 reasons location targeting should excite you

If you're not bullish about location yet, you're going to miss out on opportunities like attribution, direct response, and CPG incentives. We asked Neo@Ogilvy's group media director for insights.

Location-based marketing is a misleading term. Yes, we can still pop up a Starbucks coupon when someone is near a store (the age-old example). But in the current marketplace, location is used not only for real-time incentives, but as a way to identify and harness intent. Experience and context is much more nuanced than geo-tracking alone. And the data is getting impressive. For example, it's sometimes possible to track the path between a web search and an in-store purchase. iMedia's Bethany Simpson spoke with Neo@Ogilvy partner Sacha Xavier.

Conversation highlights
0:00 — Tracking behavior after a web search
0:54 — Companies are going to start integrating location-based marketing into everything they do
1:27 — Opportunities like direct response and performance tracking
1:45 — An increased adoption rate with consumers
2:18 — CPG incentives
Run time is 2:53

Prior to Neo@Ogilvy, Sacha Xavier served as Group Media Director for AA|RF, working on accounts such as Verizon, Astra Zeneca, Polo Ralph Lauren and Starwood Hotels.