Step-by-step guide to planning a killer social campaign

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When a social marketing campaign is killer we hear about it. It ends up in discussions on blogs, Twitter, Ad Age, or you'll find it waiting in your inbox with a note from the CEO that says, "Did you see this!?" Now that this social media thing has really caught on, brands have proliferated social networks vying for the attention of people willing to engage and spread their messages. It's no longer an anomaly to see a brand big or small launch a Facebook focused promotion asking you to "share your story" or "post a photo of" this and that.

Step-by-step guide to planning a killer social campaign

What does it take to kill it? The answer is different for each brand. Yet, the foundation of what makes a successful social campaign is common to everyone. Let's explore the foundations in this step-by-step guide.

Stick to your priorities

Determine what's most important to your brand then stick to it. As marketers, we've all been in situations where a good idea eventually gets convoluted after making its rounds through the organization. Everyone has a stake, especially when it comes to social, and your stakeholders can be the biggest killer of your killer idea. This is not to say that collaboration and integration are not important, these are absolutely key elements for success. What I am stressing is focus. One concept cannot be everything to everyone.

Before going into full brainstorm mode, establish what's most important to the brand by agreeing on success metrics. One primary goal and up to two secondary goals is a good framework for keeping ideas focused and stakeholder meltdown to a minimum. Ensure that the campaign concept you plan to pass around the organization aligns closely with agreed upon goals so that each time someone starts up with the "but what if, and it won't, or what about…?" you have a purpose to anchor to.

Key Takeaway: Killer campaigns are not watered down.