5 ways to fix the broken agency partnership model

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Strategy first, then assignments

Many brands are seeking ways to leverage multiple agencies to handle their business. We just worked on a project for a major tech company that had Traction and two other agencies partnering to execute its marketing for the year.

The client doled out assignments. In this instance, we were not the lead agency. We were tasked with the social strategy, including a Facebook application. The lead agency for the effort was tasked by the client with building an extensive campaign microsite. The problem was that because the lead agency was tasked with doing the microsite, there had to be a microsite.

But strategically, having a microsite made no sense. And it wasn't successful.

Whether you are a client trying to manage multiple agency partners or an agency trying to deliver successful work for a client in collaboration with your partners, work through your strategy first. Make sure the entire team understands it and where they fit into it.

Asking the right questions at the wrong time just might be too late.