5 ways to fix the broken agency partnership model

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Relationships matter

For a decade, we've partnered with the same two media agencies over and over again. Our collaboration is seamless. They are like an extension of our team. Together, we deliver results.

The reason these partnerships work is that my people know their people. We understand their quirks -- and they know ours. We understand their strengths and weaknesses, their philosophies and styles. We even know their kids' names.

The result is that our teams work together like one team.

When teams are strangers, that workflow is hard to achieve. The weekly collaboration meeting becomes a project manager reading a status report into the phone. Partnership runs the risk of becoming a chore, not an opportunity.

That said, sometimes the need arises for a new partner. You might have to partner with someone new. But take the time to understand the culture of the group you'll be working with. As a leader of your organization, think of yourself as a matchmaker for your people. Compatibility is the precursor to a successful relationship.

At least set the table for success.