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The 12 worst things that could happen to marketers in 2013

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Worst thing No. 8: Regulation stifles creativity

As digital marketing gets even bigger and attracts more spend in 2013, Maggie Boyer Finch, founder and CEO of King of the Web, says the worst thing that could happen is heavy supervision. She says our creativity will suffer if we need to clear too many regulatory hurtles before executing on a simple idea, and it could cause our industry's momentum to screech to a halt.

Maggie Boyer Finch is a media and advertising executive who has spent the bulk of her career building digital marketing firms and technologies. In 1995, she built one of the first online media buying shops and pioneered many other industry firsts. For more than a decade, she served as general manager and VP of media for aQuantive (now RazorFish), establishing the firm as one of the world's leading digital media agencies.